Needing sexless marriage help is a pretty horrible state to be in. Having your wife or husband who was once your insatiable lover turn you down again and again is heart breaking, aggravating and confusing. It is however more common than you may think …

It is estimated that one in ten marriages are actually sexless with a sexless marriage being classed as one where people make love less than 10 times a year. That is a lot of lost intimacy that can bring relationships to their knees. This statistic might be skewed by older couples and by physical disability but even near 10% of the married population is a HUGE amount.

With this in mind you can see that there are a lot of people in the same boat … I was one of them. As such I want to give you some advice to spice things up and get your spouse back in the mood as it IS possible to solve the sexless marriage conundrum!

Never Make It About Yourself

While you might feel justified complaining to your spouse about the lack of sex and intimacy in your relationship to make them understand your perspective, this does not help your cause. The more your spouse hears “me, me, me, me” the more they will switch off and deny you communication and intimacy as well. When you talk make sure it as about them and their needs and wants at least to start with and then you can start sharing more intimately.

Break Your Routine

Boredom and routine are passion killers. Buy something sexy and entice that special one. We all fall into ruts sometimes due to stress and work and kids and many other reasons. Breaking out of this routine can be a critical part in rekindling desire as spontaneity and new exciting experiences really stir the heart and desire in your spouse. Get out and do something new together be it as big as skydiving or as small as choosing new restaurants to eat out at. It all adds up.

Communicate … But Not Yet

Real, deep, honest communication is essential to sexless marriage help for you and your spouse. However if you try to approach this too soon you may be confronted with hostility and misunderstanding. It is best to let actions speak louder than words for some time before you start to get into the deeper issues.

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